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Single Essay Edit Package

Single Essay Edit Package

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Why It Matters

With the reduction in essay counts occurring in some schools, increased attention and scrutiny is paid to the essays that remain. The reduced opportunity to express yourself through your essays demands an effective and persuasive essay meticulously reviewed for content, structure, and grammar. Such persistence in ensuring a well-crafted essay can dramatically improve the chance of admission to your dream MBA program.

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What’s Included in the Package

Our MBA admissions team will provide three edits on a single essay, including: two essay reviews by an alumnus of a premier MBA program focused on content and structure and one additional essay edit by a formally trained essay editor to promote exceptional written structure and remove grammatical errors.
A determined focus on the three critical components for your application:
Content – the provision of a compelling and authentic presentation of yourself to the admissions committee readers;
Structure – the assurance that your essays have flowing and varied sentences, and your paragraphs are configured in a logical, informative, and captivating manner
Grammar – the critical lens to rid your essay of grammatical errors which detract from your essay’s effectiveness.
A written summary indicating the strengths and weaknesses of your essay and what you should keep in mind as you work on additional essays
A brief phone review with your MBA admissions consultant

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Who Should Use It

Candidates who would like us to review one specific essay from draft form through completion to optimize essay effectiveness and impact and gain insights on ways to improve their writing. PowerPoint essays, video essays and written essays up to 750 words are all fair game for this package! Please reach out to us if your essay doesn’t fall into any of the above-mentioned categories.

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When Should I Sign Up

Once you’ve formulated at least one essay draft and you’re ready to produce a very compelling essay

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Price Of the Offering

The Single Essay Edit Package is $500 for each school. The Brainstorm and Essay Outline Package is a recommended, but not required, targeted service to be purchased in conjunction with this package.

We recommend purchasing additional Single Essay Packages for each school where you need assistance building compelling essays.