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Admit Advantage reviewed my backgrounds, unique experiences, and essays and helped position me for my acceptance to Harvard Business School.

A few of our success stories in their own words.

Fashion Planner with Media Aspirations

Client Goals
  • Schools: Harvard, Wharton or Stanford
  • Short-term Goal: Become an expert in media strategy and marketing
  • Long-term Goal: Entrepreneurship – build a digital media company
The Challenges
  • Difficulty articulating the rationale for business school
  • Unclear short-term and long-term goals
  • Limited demonstrated analytical prowess and weak GMAT quantitative score

Latin American Executive Expanding Family Business

Client Goals
  • Schools: Harvard, Wharton or MIT
  • Short-term Goal: Build the family business managing companies in Latin America
  • Long-term Goal: Build additional companies and engage in full-time public service
The Challenges
  • English as a second language
  • Recommender questions given family business
  • Varied background in successful family business made for an unclear “story” and MBA rationale.

Multi-lingual Former Finance Professional Seeking Industry Re-entry

Client Goals
  • School: Kellogg
  • Short-term Goal: Re-enter financial services
  • Long-term Goal: Run an investment management fund
The Challenges
  • GMAT below the mean for target MBA programs
  • A few work gaps in employment history
  • Lack of extracurricular activity since college

Bank Technologist Interested in International Development

Client Goals
  • Schools: Wharton or Columbia
  • Short-term Goal: Become an international strategy consultant
  • Long-term Goal: Build a company that encourages Middle Eastern investment and development
The Challenges
  • Low undergraduate GPA at a non-premier university
  • Non-traditional work experience with no managerial experience
  • Poor recommenders

Finance Professional Interested in Asian Venture Capital

Client Goals
  • School: Wharton
  • Short-term Goal: Work in venture capital
  • Long-term Goal: Start a venture capital company in Asia
The Challenges
  • Restricted time due to multiple commitments
  • Writing capabilities are not strong

Project Manager Seeking Foreign Private Equity Career

Client Goals
  • School: NYU Stern
  • Short-term Goal: Enter financial services in banking or corporate finance
  • Long-term Goal: Run a private equity fund in Latin America focused on technology
The Challenges
  • GMAT and GPA well below the mean for the target MBA programs
  • Multiple commitments sapping time and focus from completing application
  • Unsure how to articulate transferrable skills from project management to finance

Banker/Entrepreneur Seeking to Run Large Middle-Eastern Bank

Client Goals
  • Schools: Stanford and Harvard
  • Short-term Goal: Return to banking role and expand entrepreneurial reach
  • Long-term Goal: Serve as CEO of global investment bank
The Challenges
  • GMAT score was several deviations below the mean.
  • Client engagement started one week prior to application submission
  • Underdeveloped English writing capabilities

Non-Profit Candidate Switching to Social Investing

Client Goals
  • Schools: Wharton, HBS
  • Short-term Goal: Work in a non-profit microfinance company
  • Long-term Goal: Run social venture fund focused on emerging markets
The Challenges
  • Second-tier undergraduate program
  • Non-traditional background
  • Limited work experience

Public Policy Expert Returning to Technology Advocacy

Client Goals
  • School: INSEAD
  • Short-term Goal: Consulting in government and economics realm
  • Long-term Goal: Serve as a political leader in Europe
The Challenges
  • Articulating the value of the MBA vs. public policy given aspirations
  • Determining which aspects of the background to highlight in the MBA brand
  • Lacking depth of extra-curricular activities

Global IT Consultant with Aspirations of VC Investing

Client Goals
  • Schools: NYU Stern
  • Short-term Goal: Strategy consulting in Asia Pacific
  • Long-term Goal: Venture capital investing or family business
The Challenges
  • Low undergraduate GPA from a second-tier school
  • Concerned about interviewing skills
  • Divergent long-term goals: VC or family business
What Happened?

Environmentalist Seeking Career in Sustainability

Client Goals
  • School: Cornell
  • Short-term Goal: Small environmental consulting firm
  • Long-term Goal: Run a sustainable energy company
The Challenges
  • Looking for a scholarship/fellowship to help pay for school
  • Needed help choosing schools that would be a good fit
  • Trouble articulating key leadership traits for business school

Banker interested in Latin American Microfinance

Client Goals
  • School: Cornell
  • Short-term Goal: Work in an NGO
  • Long-term Goal: Entrepreneurship – microfinance institution covering Latin America and Asia
The Challenges
  • No demonstrated management experience
  • Low GMAT score
  • Somewhat shy; not very engaging for the interview

Food Company Operator Seeking Entrepreneurship

Client Goals
  • School: Kellogg
  • Short-term Goal: Start a restaurant out of school
  • Long-term Goal: Own a portfolio of restaurants
The Challenges
  • Non-traditional recommenders not used to writing b-school recommendations
  • Limited quantitative experience
  • Hospitality industry not typical for MBAs

Finance Professional at a Crossroads

Client Goals
  • Schools: Harvard, NYU, Ross
  • Short-term Goal: Consulting or back to financial services
  • Long-term Goal: Entrepreneurship or career in finance
The Challenges
  • Trouble demonstrating short-term and long-term goals
  • Low undergraduate GPA and low GMAT
  • Unsure about candidacy for top 10 schools

Consultant with dream of global retail management

Client Goals
  • School: Duke
  • Short-term Goal: Global management consulting firm
  • Long-term Goal: C-suite marketing executive (international)
The Challenges
  • Underdeveloped and unclear essays with no definitive MBA brand
  • Reserved personality a concern for interviewing
  • Lower tier undergraduate program with average GPA
“Ms. Lerner was extraordinarily professional in our interactions and unquestionably knowledgeable about the admissions process. Ms. Lerner’s guidance and critique of my application, which was successful, to a tier-1 law school certainly provided me with a competitive advantage. In total, Admit Advantage’s services are beyond comparison. My experience led me to wholeheartedly recommend the company’s services to a few of my closest friends who are currently applying to law school.”
“While applying to law schools, I was unsure of how to distinguish myself among other high-achieving applicants. The guidance that my consultant provided me throughout the process was invaluable. She helped me to craft a cohesive narrative based on my experiences and motivations for applying, which I think made all the difference. Thanks in large part to her help, I am attending Harvard Law School.”
“Kandance was fantastic to work with for my personal statement. Having never applied to law school before, much less any graduate school, it was overwhelming to try and manufacture a polished, impactful statement that law schools would not forget. With her knowledge and expertise, it became much easier to present myself and my experiences in a way that would be attractive to law schools. From the first interview through the editing process I cannot over-emphasize how valuable an asset she was. It is with her help that I will be attending Boston University School of Law in the fall. Thanks again!”