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Admit Advantage pairs you with a seasoned and passionate admissions expert to offer strategic guidance through each step of the application process, start to finish.

College Application Services

Customized Admissions Strategy

We take a highly tailored approach to the college applications process, leveraging your child’s strengths, and helping to shore up the weaknesses. The result? An application with a clear vision, brimming with passion and power. Talk to other firms, this is not the standard approach. Many rely on formulas and retro-fitting individuals into a formula that may have worked, but for another student. For us the stakes are too high. We leverage decades of experience, but we know that each application must be written from ground up, and stand on its own today.

Proven Track Record

As alumni of the most competitive colleges including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Brown, Princeton, Yale, and all the rest, we have the pedigree. But more importantly, we have the experience of having assisted clients gain entry to these programs and many others:

  • Harvard College
  • Stanford University
  • Yale University
  • Brown University
  • Columbia University (CBS)
  • Massachussetts Institute of Technology
  • Dartmouth College
  • Duke University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
  • University of Chicago
  • Northwestern University
  • Cornell University
  • Berkeley University
  • Georgetown University
  • University of Michigan
  • Universiity of Virginia

Step-by-Step Approach

If you want to take your time and give us a lot of information, head over here and get a free consultation. If you’re on surer footing and would like to get going a little quicker, please use the quick form below and let’s get to know more about you!

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