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Brainstorm & Essay Outline Package

Brainstorm & Essay Outline Package

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Why It Matters

Knowing how to infuse the critical leadership components from your brand into a clear, concise story that fits into the application essays is vital. Each school asks different questions, but your narrative is paramount and must be accurately articulated within the structure of each school’s application queries. Having a clear plan on how to infuse your leadership traits and stories with your target school’s essay questions is a critical step which drives your essay success and, ultimately, your admissions chances.

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What’s Included in the Package

-An analysis of your Personal Achievement Template™ and derived client brand in addition to your target school’s essay questions
-A 30-minute verbal brainstorming session with your consultant to discuss how to articulate your brand into the various essay questions in one of your target schools
-A detailed essay outline for a specific set of schools essays (up to four essays)

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Who Should Use It

A candidate with a developed brand who needs specific direction on possible ways to effectively allocate those brand characteristics and stories across the essays of a selected MBA program. If you need specific help setting the direction of your essays, this is the package for you.

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When Should I Sign Up

When you have completed your candidate branding and selected at least one target school. As a recommended prerequisite, you may want to sign up for the Client Branding Package.

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Price Of the Offering

The Brainstorm and Essay Outline Package is $500 for each school. The Client Branding Package is a recommended, but not required, targeted service to be purchased in conjunction with this package.

We recommend purchasing additional Brainstorm and Essay Outline Packages for each school where you need a clear vision for your essays.