Application Services Overview

Admit Advantage guides its clients throughout the entire MBA admissions essay process, from the initial structure to the final draft.

Business School Services

Customized Admissions Strategy

You will receive a blueprint for your application strategy which outlines your specific experiences, aspirations, and qualifications for success. Based on our proprietary Personal Achievement Template (PAT), your admissions strategy will be outlined to give you the best possible chance at your top schools.

Proven Track Record

Using our thorough application strategy and support, you will receive a detailed roadmap to rid the process of the confusion, complexity, and indecision that typical plagues applicants. As alumni of the most competitive business schools including Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Columbia, INSEAD, Northwestern (Kellogg), Chicago (Booth), HKUST, New York University, Berkeley, Dartmouth and others, we have assisted clients gaining entry to these programs and many others including:

  • Harvard
  • Yale
  • Chicago
  • Stanford
  • Columbia
  • NYU
  • Penn
  • UT Austin
  • Berkeley
  • Georgetown
  • Michigan
  • UVA
  • Duke
  • Dartmouth
  • UCLA
  • Northwestern
  • Cornell
  • Vanderbilt

Step-by-Step Approach

Obtain help from an initial free evaluation thru steps including school selection, application strategy, essay editing, interview practice, application review, recommender analysis, resume refinement, and financial aid.

Anytime You are Ready

Start anytime you are ready. Just beginning planning your pursuit of your MBA in a few years and want to plan for the future? Contact us and get started. About to start your job and not sure what to do next? Reach out.

School Selection

Craft a list of target schools based on the right mixture of rankings, learning style, environment, geography, career goals, and general fit. Meld your own and your parent(s)’ objectives with our personal and professional insight to have a specific and customized list of potential programs where you will thrive.

Application Strategy

Work with us to construct a blueprint outlining your experiences, qualifications, and aspirations. Through detailed interviews and our Personal Achievement Template™ (PAT) framework, you will gain a personalized path forward. Learn the best strategies for recording noteworthy events in ways to impress the admissions office.

Essay Structuring & Editing

Essays are the primary means used by admissions committees to get to know a candidate. While strong essays are a true differentiator, helping candidates overcome subpar test scores, questionable grades or limited work experience, poor essays undermine an applicant’s MBA candidacy. Admit advantage guides our clients through the entire essay process, from the initial structure to the final draft.

Recommender Selection

Obtain compelling recommendations based on selection and recommender preparation techniques. Let Admit Advantage help you choose recommenders and prepare the core foundation of courses, grades, activities, and projects to furnish to your recommenders to ensure your strengths are highlighted.

Resume Refinement

Gain an advantage in an element that may be used by admissions committees to quickly assess your strengths. Stand out immediately based on your accomplishments and experiences that you outline in a clearly articulated resume.

Application Review

Eliminate inconsistencies and redundancies while emphasizing customized themes through a full-application review. Eradicate any careless mistake or oversights which can torpedo your candidacy.

Interview Preparation

Hone your interview skills and strategy through our mock interview from experts who have done real interviews for the most selective global programs. Learn how to demonstrate passion, emphasize strengths and address weaknesses including inconsistent academic performance, spotty extra-curricular activities, and other blemishes.

After you Apply

Let us help you choose from the multiple acceptances that you are likely to have (with our assistance, of course) as you balance your academic needs, preferences, financial aid, and professional aspirations.