Our Values

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Expertise, responsiveness, global, candor and passion are the values we employ in each and every interaction with you.


All of our consultants have successfully navigated the application process and attended the best global undergraduate and graduate programs. Our hiring process rivals acceptance rates of top schools as we have a very rigorous screening and continuing education process to ensure that you are getting an exceptional consultant. Each consultant is assigned to a team leader to make sure your application always gets a second review throughout the entire process.


Prompt feedback is critical to the admissions process. Clients need a partner who can quickly respond to their efforts and ideas. Admit Advantage’s policy is to respond to our clients’ application work within 24 hours. We work evenings, weekends and often holidays to help deliver a stellar application by the required submission deadline.


It’s a global world and you need a global perspective. Whether going to school abroad or searching for a local experience, our experience working with clients and schools around the world will give you fresh perspective on your aspirations and admissions approach. Our consultants have developed numerous application strategies and actively shaped and edited applications for individuals of diverse cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds across six continents.


Admit Advantage believes it is imperative to be open and honest with our clients to maximize their potential during the admissions process. Clients often have areas that need to be strengthened or school aspiration that need to be refined. By identifying a clients’ areas of weakness early in the process, we help our clients develop a clear strategy to mitigate these weaknesses, enhance areas of strength, choose the appropriate schools, and provide the best package to the admissions committee.


Admissions advising is our passion! Fully immersed in the admissions world for almost a decade, we understand how the process is a life-altering step in our clients’ academic and professional careers. The Admit Advantage team brings dedication, passion, and commitment to our clients, as if our own acceptance depended on it.