Non-Essay Application Review Package

WhyIt Matters

The non-essay portion of your application is an important component of the submission that provides real data about your background and academic, extracurricular, and professional experiences. Too many candidates overlook this part of the application and make critical mistakes that promote inconsistencies within the application. As a result, the MBA application committee is left wondering about the applicant’s attention to detail and focus – essential attributes of strong business leaders.

What’sIncluded in the Package

Full review of the entire non-essay portion of the application (data section and short-answer)

Comprehensive edits and general suggestions for improvement

WhoShould Use It

Any applicant who has not purchased an application package that includes this service as part of the package.

WhenShould I Sign Up

Once your application draft has been completed and you can send us a copy.

PriceOf the Offering

The Non-Essay Application Review Package is $250 for each school. We recommend purchasing additional Non-Essay Application Review Packages for each school where you need to ensure that you are submitting your best application.