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For anyone looking to get into a top global school, Admit Advantage knows the secrets that get B level students into A level schools, and, in my case, a C level student into an A level school. I would not have gotten into my current school without Admit Advantage.

Our Mission – Maximize Your Opportunity

Admit Advantage’s mission is to assist you in maximizing your admissions opportunity. We help you choose the right schools and formulate compelling applications that promote your strengths, highlight your experiences and clearly outline your professional aspirations.

We think we’re the right partner for you for 3 reasons:

  • Best Team – Our team is comprised of alumni from the best schools in the world who have been in your shoes as applicants and helped thousands around the world pursue their own academic dreams.
  • Renown Rigorous Process – Nothing is left to chance. The structure provided by an Admit Advantage Admissions Champion will push and empower you to submit your best and most authentic product.
  • Proven Success – The proof is in the pudding: our clients are getting into the most selective programs which fit them best. Hear them in their own words.

Our Expectation of You

The Admit Advantage team is driven to assist you in supporting your quest for school admission. However, we ask that you make the commitment necessary to successfully apply to school by thinking introspectively, working diligently, and remaining open to constructive feedback. That’s it!

What We Don’t Do

We won’t write your application for you. It’s unethical and schools don’t want to hear from us–they want to hear from you. We will accompany you the entire way, but this is your journey, so embrace the opportunity and let’s navigate this soul-searching path together!

We won’t share the details of your engagement. Our engagement with you is personal and despite our strong relationship with many of the schools, our work together is completely confidential – it’s going to stay that way.

We won’t give up on you. To do it right, we have to challenge you and you may get a bit tired or discouraged at times. That’s normal and necessary. But, in return, you will have a relentless advocate who will use every available resource to help you get into your dream school.