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Hourly Services

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Why It Matters

The MBA application process is more competitive than ever and candidates are doing everything possible to gain an admissions advantage. This nuanced and specific hourly support for your candidacy offers you complete control to determine which area you most desire your Admit Advantage expert to focus on. The benefit of working on isolated problem areas of your application can be invaluable as it will enable you to make significant changes and improvements to your application while maximizing your resources of time and money.

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What’s Included in the Package

On an hourly basis, you can receive help with any section of your application with the exception of your initial strategy planning and outlining. After the first mandatory hour, you will be billed in 15 minute increments if you need further help. Specifically, you can receive support on any of the following elements as needed:

– School selection and targeting based on factors including academic and professional goals, curriculum, cost, location and risk profile
– Essay editing for content, structure, and grammar
– Resume construction and refinement
– Recommender strategy, selection, and preparation
– Interview preparation with mock interviews, including detailed feedback on your interview performance

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Who Should Use It

For candidates who have specific areas of weakness or targeted portions of the application that may need additional attention, hourly support is perfect for you.

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When Should I Sign Up

Our goal is a 24-hour turnaround time, so any time is the right time, but don’t delay.

Price Of the Offering

$300/hour with a one-hour minimum; billed in 15 minute increments thereafter.