Our Process

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Experience has been an incredible teacher. The result? A refined approach to admissions consulting designed to deliver results.

Process Overview

The Admit Advantage process has been carefully crafted over nearly two decades to meet the needs of every type of client we have had the pleasure to work with. We break it down to three general phases:

Stage 1: Admissions Counseling Based on YOUR Story

From the jump, our top priority is to become an expert in YOU! You’d be stunned how not standard this is. Lots of folks rely on formulas and past successes to shoehorn you into a model they are comfortable with, but that might not be YOUR BEST STRATEGY. At best, this is… lazy. At worst, it’s negligent.

We like winning, and that relies on a custom-fit plan of attack. We take our time to get to know you up front so that we can properly benchmark as a starting point. We’ll get to know where you come from, what your influences have been, why you want what you want, where you’re hoping to go, all of it. To do this well is to achieve 90% of the ultimate goal.

We become your Champion, and it starts here. Building rapport, getting all the information we possibly can up front, enables us to help develop an Action Plan that will become our Yellow Brick Road together.

Stage 2: Executing Your Brand and Story, With Room for Improvisation

Once the diagnosis phase concludes, it’s time for action. It is possible to hover indefinitely in “planning” mode to your own detriment. We won’t let that happen. It’s important to spend the correct amount of time developing an initial strategy, but then to have the confidence to leap into the cauldron and start doing the work itself. It is only through navigating the tough questions that we can further adjust and refine our plan as need be. We will push you, and keep you moving forward. This is critical. In fact, many clients like to overplan. We won’t let you ๐Ÿ™‚

Stage 3: Bringing you not just TO but ACROSS the Finish Line

This is where a standard consultant gets weeded out from the true Champion, a true Mentor. It is not transactional for us. We live and die by our clients’ results. To quote the great Nick Jonas (what.), we’re “only human.” We get invested in you. Sue us. We feel your anxiety, we feel your stress, we feel the wins along side you. And thus, we don’t just get you to the submit moment and wave goodbye, we’re right there with you, through that tape and beyond. That’s what mentorship should be all about.