Our Process

Support in all areas including counseling, candidacy prep, application strategy, and active support. You will be prepared.

Process Overview

The Admit Advantage process has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of every student we have the pleasure to work with. The general process is broken into four phases, described below:

Stage 1: Admissions Counseling Based on Your Story

Once we engage with you, our first order of business is to become an expert in YOU! You will complete the Personal Achievement Template (PAT™) to detail relevant experiences, skill sets, professional and personal goals, strengths, interests, personal/academic accolades, extracurricular activities, work history, and leadership experiences. Your Admit Advantage Champion™, who will be working with you during the entire process, will develop a candidate leadership profile based on your PAT™ that you will use as the foundation for your application strategy.

Stage 2: Preparing Your Brand and Story

Admit Advantage will formulate your application strategy based on your strengths and explore weak points that may need to be addressed in the application to improve your candidacy. In conjunction with your consultant, you will formulate a differentiated application brand based on your specific skills demonstrated through your personal, professional and community service experiences. Finally, your consultant will assist you with selecting the schools that fit your criteria and interests, while advising on the likelihood of admission.

Stage 3: Implementing a Strategy Based on Your Background

The Admissions Champion™ will work with you to deconstruct the application questions to effectively articulate your differentiated brand in the context of the admissions questions. Your Admissions Champion™ will create an essay outline for your first school based on your Personal Achievement Template™ and in-depth discussions as a roadmap for the essay development process. The Admissions Champion™ engages in constant dialogue with you to help revise and refine the application and develop a clear and engaging story of your background. You will also receive assistance choosing and preparing recommenders, a detailed resume review, application support, interview preparation, including mock interviews designed to enhance your natural interview style, build rapport with the interviewer(s), and clearly communicate your story in the short interview window.

Stage 4: Admissions Analysis – Where Should You Go?

We stay with you through decision – if you need support with choosing schools, waitlist strategy, or advice on reapplying, we’re there! Once accepted into school, you benefit from Admit Advantage’s support in selecting the best school based on your career goals, financing, academic support, prestige, and overall fit. We will continue to work with you to help select a school that will be engaging, challenging, and ultimately catapult you towards your career goals.