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School Selection Package

School Selection Package

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Why It Matters

School selection is a critical early step in the application process. However, many applicants rely too heavily on business school rankings to determine their target schools. Ultimately, these applicants often find their school list disappointing because it does not take into account critical factors such as location, size, curriculum, teaching style, program specialties, and career placement.

Admit Advantage will take a bottoms-up approach to school selection by first uncovering what matters most to you and subsequently helping you formulate a list of schools that fits your requirements. We also work diligently to ensure that your school list spans a wide range of selectivity that includes a combination of stretch, target, and probable business school selections based on your academic and professional standing and goals heading into the application process.

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What’s Included in the Package

30 minute live discussion with an expert consultant to determine your career and academic goals, geographic interests, and school community desires

Review of your relevant background via our Personal Achievement Template™ to determine the schools that might be a good fit for you

Likelihood of success at certain schools you may be interested in

Presentation of schools, which includes recommended schools and some alternative schools for consideration

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Who Should Use It

A candidate who is trying to determine the best schools to apply to or evaluate the likely chances of success at a pre-determined set of schools.

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When Should I Sign Up

Anytime during the application process, preferably before starting the applications

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Price Of the Offering

The School Selection Package is $375 for your full list of schools. Purchasing multiple packages is not necessary since we will come up with a comprehensive list of schools.