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Pre-Application Package

Pre-Application Package

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Why It Matters

The MBA admissions process is extremely competitive, and it’s important to make the right decisions early in the application process. Beginning to plan your schedule, refine your assets, and articulate your short and long-term goals is very helpful as you position yourself to compete for a spot in your dream program. For most people, this advance planning and work on your background is essential.

What’s Included in the Package

For the Basic Pre-Application Package, you will receive the following:

Assessment of your candidate profile
Target school assessment and analysis
Strategic plan identifying the necessary building blocks to help you address your main weaknesses
Tailored candidate branding document

Comprehensive Pre-Application Packages includes everything in the basic package and adds:

Live call with your experienced MBA admissions consultant
Resume review and editing
Timeline offering you suggested actions for the ensuing months
3-6 month follow-up call

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Who Should Use It

Candidates who are interested in increasing their chances of acceptance prior to moving forward with their applications. If you want to know how to polish your assets and take steps to mitigate deficiencies in preparation of applying to business school, this package is for you.

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When Should I Sign Up

At least three months prior to the final application deadline.

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Price Of the Offering

The Comprehensive Pre-Application Package is $1000 for one school and the Basic Pre-Application Package is $500 for one school. Purchasing multiple packages is not necessary unless you are purchasing for additional people (that sure is nice of you).