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Client Branding Package

Client Branding Package

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Why It Matters

With limited space and time to differentiate yourself amongst a slew of applicants with similar backgrounds, it is critical that you have a distinct set of leadership characteristics and relevant accomplishments and experiences that differentiate you from other applicants. We will help you formulate talking points on your academic, professional, and personal background that will help provide clarity and purpose to your application, which is vital to admissions success.

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What’s Included in the Package

Interview and expert-driven analysis and review of your entire relevant background via our Personal Achievement Template™ to find the stories, experiences, and accomplishments worthy of inclusion

Creation of a list of relevant characteristics to bolster a distinct personal brand

The foundation of an authentic narrative that can be used as a common theme throughout your entire set of applications

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Who Should Use It

Candidates who are trying to determine how to position themselves but may be unsure of the most relevant characteristics in their background. If you are searching for the key factors to highlight and how to best articulate your key attributes, especially if you are a career changer, this is the package for you.

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When Should I Sign Up

Early in the application process prior to starting your essays or after you’ve started your essays and find that you lack clear direction and focus.

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Price Of the Offering

The Client Branding Package is $500 to build a complete applicant brand. Purchasing multiple packages is not necessary unless you have multiple personalities!