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Mock Interview Package

Mock Interview Package

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Why It Matters

Receiving an interview typically represents the first cut of an admissions process, and its value to a candidate is unrivaled. It is the first time you can breathe your candidacy to life and offer details and in-depth discourse on the items that your application could only capture at a surface level. The interview will give you the chance to also highlight particular strengths of your application or address glaring weaknesses that may torpedo your candidacy. Determining how to be prepared and specific points you should address while not presenting as rehearsed or mechanical are important elements in an effective interview. Admit Advantage will work to ensure that you are prepared with the right strategy, relevant talking points, and an ability to be spontaneous for your big day.

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What’s Included in the Package

Development and analysis of your key talking points: background elements and experiences that provide important themes to infuse into your interview

One virtual mock interview with a focus on a specific school, if desired

Interview feedback with details on weak points and items to work on heading into the actual school interview

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Who Should Use It

Candidates who want to be well prepared for their MBA interview

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When Should I Sign Up

When you are preparing for your MBA interview

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Price Of the Offering

The Mock Interview Package is $700 for each mock interview preparation session. We recommend purchasing additional Mock Interview Packages if you need more practice polishing your story or acclimating to a specific school’s interview process and focus.