Business School - Interview Preparation

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Our MBA consultants are graduates of top-tier MBA programs who possess extensive admissions experience and serve as alumni interviews at their respective alma maters

Practice Interviewing with consultants who conduct actual MBA interviews

Work on assembling the critical facets of your candidacy and communicating these points with real alumni and second-year interviewers from elite MBA programs. Participate in mock interview sessions which dynamically change to match any new wrinkles at your target programs.

Structured practice can breathe vitality in your application and solidify your acceptance

Direct your application and take control of your chance to demonstrate passion, a vibrant personality, an ability to contribute on campus, and growth from past mistakes.

Specific Offering

  • Review of the most significant themes, leadership characteristics, experiences, and accolades to include in your interview
  • Summarized talking points of the personal and academic aspects of your background to cover within the interview
  • Defensive coverage of how to respond to and initiate discussion of blemishes including inconsistent academic performance and poor GMAT/GRE scores.
  • Active drafting of responses to critical themes of the interview process including:
    • Your reasons for pursuing an MBA degree
    • Your desires for a specific school
    • Your desired impact on campus
    • Your goals in the short-term and long-term and what you have done to-date to achieve them
    • Your thoughts on leadership and particular strengths and points of development
  • Detailed training on how to review and analyze the application materials including your resume, essays, recommendation letters, data portion of the application in order to maximize interview performance

Bottom Line

The interview is your last opportunity to make an impression on the admissions committee and can be the determining factor in your admissions decision.

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