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How do I crack elite business schools?

It begins with goals, understanding the whys, and then articulating your case fluently.
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Enhance your strengths Locate the traits that matter to admissions committees, and amplify.

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Mitigate your weaknesses Figure out your gaps, truly. Then – very strategically – find ways to make it a part of your case.

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Crush your narrative Get your readers to buy in. Then lead them to one, obvious conclusion: Admit.

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Why get an MBA?

Sure, you can think in terms of opportunity cost. But you can also look at the “why MBA” question as an investment toward some future version of you that inspires you.

It’s less about hard lessons learned inside the classroom, and more about developing soft skills and growing a network that will pay dividends enough to make it worth the effort.

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How we can help you

We help you think about what your goals are, how your past experiences connect help sell someone looking in that you are best equipped to attack those goals, and we help you shape that narrative through patient, tough love, consistent admissions consulting, from start to finish. We help you avoid mistakes which destroy candidates at all business schools, especially the elite ones. How do we know? Experience. You will help answer your question “will I get in” with Admit Advantage.

Where our MBA clients get in

I mean, everywhere, but here is a small sample of some of our elite MBA admissions!

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