Business School - Resume Refinement

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Admit Advantage will leverage proprietary resources and tools in conjunction with several in-depth discussions with you to ensure your resume is of the highest quality possible

A snapshot to demonstrate success and predict future professional prowess

Not every school requires this, but for those of you who have significant work experience or extracurriculars, you can use the resume as a tool to highlight your accomplishments. Control the lens that is used as a gateway into your background, accomplishments and leadership. For candidates with limited post-college experience, shape how your strength of character and work experience signals professional and academic potential.

Specific Offering

  • Selection and delivery of your entire background in a resume format
  • Enhancement of your background specifically if you have
    • Sustained professional experience during and after college
    • Very limited professional exposure
    • Formidable volunteer experience
    • Exceptional extracurricular accomplishment outside of college
  • Perspectives of HR professionals, former admissions officers, and elite alumni of prominent schools and firms, start-ups, and professional writers

Bottom Line

Your resume must be shaped to the audience of admissions committee members that is likely new for you.

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