Law School - Personal Statement Review

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Leveraging assistance from inception to final product yields exceptional results

A misunderstood opportunity for your most significant application piece

Your personal statement will likely be the most challenging yet important piece of your application. Gain guidance on the vague instructions and format provided by law schools. Respond with the necessary authenticity required for any law school.

Specific Offering

  • Structured interview and analysis to determine the best elements for you to include based on your individual background including your abilities, experiences, and goals
  • Clearly-defined strategy and support on the content and format for all personal statements
  • Guidance on the technique to craft the personal statement in addition to the effective articulation of why you deserve a law school seat
  • Assistance with topic selection and focused support on editing and review

Bottom Line

Your personal statement will resonate with your distinctive voice and still fall within the acceptable confines expected from top law schools.

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