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Relentless attention to detail and proven strategies are foundations you deserve.

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A strong GPA and LSAT are not enough anymore

The law school admissions process is more competitive than ever. Every year top law schools receive thousands of applications to fill classes of only a few hundred seats. Top LSAT scores are a given for top schools and there are more qualified applicants than there are spaces, so applicants need to take action to differentiate their application!

Successful Law Client
“While applying to law schools, I was unsure of how to distinguish myself among other high-achieving applicants. The guidance that my consultant provided me throughout the process was invaluable. She helped me to craft a cohesive narrative based on my experiences and motivations for applying, which I think made all the difference. Thanks in large part to her help, I am attending Harvard Law School.”

We have walked in your shoes

You will obtain focused support on how to best market your college academics, goals, extracurricular activities and talents to gain admittance to law school. Our team has been able to guide clients to success at all law schools, particularly the most selective ones including:

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We are uniquely qualified to help you differentiate your candidacy

We will make the challenging application process easier to understand and increase your likelihood of admission to law school. We will work with you to define your unique narrative and formulate a clear, concise, and compelling argument through the personal statement, essays, and application. Navigate below to view our services.