Law School - Personal Statement Critique

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Leveraging assistance from inception to final product yields exceptional results

This single detailed review and analysis will evaluate your personal statement draft and deliver a thorough edit. In addition to comprehensive edits, the feedback will suggest general areas of improvement and provide guidance on how best to proceed.

What’s Included

One detailed review of your personal statement draft including:

  • Editing for content, structure, and grammar
  • Analysis of how thoroughly you have addressed the question
  • Assessment of effectiveness based on your application themes and overall narrative in providing a clear, convincing, and insightful personal statement

Who Should Use It?

Candidates who have already drafted the personal statement and need in-depth analysis to improve the quality to make it more compelling, impactful, and precise. If you are wondering if your personal statement is “good enough”, this product is for you.

When Should I Sign Up?

When you have a personal statement that is nearly ready for submission.


$1000 per school

Bottom Line

The personal statement is the most important component of your law application. Let us help you effectively tweak and reshape your personal statement for final submission.