School Application Packages

A comprehensive solution to maximize your admissions chances

Why it Matters?

All the sacrifices: Countless hours studying for exams and standardized tests, early morning volunteering efforts, and working during your summer abroad while your friends were lounging poolside, have led you to the very important school application process. You’ve worked too hard to leave the admissions process to chance!

Receiving comprehensive application support from trusted experts who are alumni of premier global universities and have admissions consulting experience, provides an invaluable and unsurpassed advantage over your peer applicants who do not. You will receive step-by-step assistance from our specially-trained admissions consultants throughout the application process from school selection through application submission. Whether you’re applying to an Ivy League School, specialized college, or want to stay close to home, Admit Advantage will help you maximize your chances of admission to your top college choice.

What’s Included?

  • Complete application structuring, including initial application strategy (identifying differentiating characteristics and the supporting experiences)
  • School selection and targeting based on factors that include academic and professional goals, curriculum, cost, location, and selectivity
  • Essay strategy, prewriting, and editing for the entire application including a comprehensive essay outline for your first school and school-specific supplements where applicable with the Common Application
  • Resume building and refinement
  • Recommender strategy, selection, and preparation for the specific individuals asked to write the recommendations
  • Interview preparation via a mock interview complete with detailed feedback

Who Should Use It?

Candidates who desire comprehensive application support from beginning to end with everything needed to make a competitive push.

When Should I Sign Up?

Anytime between sophomore year and one month before applications are due. The more time, the better!


Quantity Pricing Savings
1 $6,000 $0
2 $7,000 $500
3 $8,000 $1,000
4 $9,000 $1,500
5 $10,000 $2,000
6 $11,000 $2,500
7 $12,000 $3,000
8 $13,000 $3,500
9 $14,000 $4,000
10 $15,000 $4,500

$1,500 for each additional school added after initial purchase.

Bottom Line

This is the ideal package for applicants looking for Admit Advantage to provide structured support from experienced advisors throughout the application process to maximize the likelihood of admission to their dream school