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Comprehensive application packages for any stage of admission.

Your academic success of gaining admissions to college is our goal.

High School Admission Consulting Services

Increase your chance of admission to any college or university
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Enhance your strengths

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Mitigate all weaknesses

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Craft a unique and compelling narrative to stand above the rest

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Why it matters

Acceptance rates at top universities are often less than 20% with as high as 70% of the applicants qualified for admission. Nearly all universities are becoming increasingly global in perspective and the applicant pool has become more international.

We will leverage our experience and make it yours so the path isn’t as overwhelming and provides more certainty of success.

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How we can help you

We will give you guidance and structured, sustained support on how to package your academics, activities, goals, and unique skills to gain admittance. With our help, you will not make the common mistakes which destroy candidacies at universities, especially the elite ones. You will gain direction, strategies, prioritization of what to include and exclude from your application, a detailed action plan, and targeted school list. You will have mastery.

Where our people get in

Just about everywhere, but here is smattering across the world:

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