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Denied Candidate Package

Denied Candidate Package

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Why It Matters

Up to 80% of any applicant pool could be admissible to the school. With admissions rates for top schools in the teens or worse, it leaves a number of qualified candidates on the outside looking in. If you fall into that category, don’t be discouraged – no one asks how many times you applied: They simply ask where you went to school!

Let us help you address your situation with a comprehensive review of your application, essays, resume and recommenders to assess your weaknesses and determine what you need to do better next time around. One of our MBA admissions consultants will give you clear advice on what steps to take to put you on the path to success the next time around.

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What’s Included in the Package

Document outlining application weaknesses with a clear focus on tangible steps that can be taken to help candidates gain future admission.

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Who Should Use It

Candidates who have been previously denied and would like to re-apply with a better outcome.

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When Should I Sign Up

After you have been officially denied from the school. The more time we have, the greater our chances of improving your profile for re-submission.

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Price Of the Offering

The Denied Candidate Package is $450 for each school where you would like us to evaluate your previous application. Some clients find it helpful for us to review multiple application, so you can get a feel for your challenges across applications and formulate a comprehensive strategy for future application success.

When you purchase a Denied Candidate Package, you will receive a $250 credit towards a future Comprehensive Application Package.