Law School - Application Strategy

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We have proven success helping applicants get into the schools of their choices. Ninety-two percent of our clients have been admitted into one of their top-choice programs.

A master plan for addressing each application

Your admissions strategy for the specific stories, accomplishments and leadership characteristics you will need for each law school and the application components by which you are evaluated

Specific Offering

  • A detailed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis and proprietary Personal Achievement Template™ (PAT) for your candidacy
  • Personalized admissions strategy for each program outlining your experiences, qualifications, and aspirations and areas where they are relevant to the admissions committee and in your law application
  • A detailed roadmap document which eliminates the confusion and complexity and allows you to focus on your core offering to each program, modified based on the school’s specific profile and student placement prospects
  • Informed feedback (based on our collective experience and current knowledge of programs) of your strategic ideas

Bottom Line

You will have a plan and vision for the most relevant items of inclusion based on your profile and respective target law schools.

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