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Admit Advantage will help you determine which programs best match your individual experiences, qualifications, and long-term career and personal aspirations.

Develop a unique framework for determining the right programs for you and your family. Get insights on programs beyond the rankings and discover relatively unknown gems that are perfect fits based on your academic, social and professional needs.

Specific Offering

  • Presentation of Schools – detailed list of recommended schools and select profiles which focus on your customized desires and needs. The list is meant to be a dynamic list that changes as the process evolves and gives you a foundation for being able to articulate and express your passion in each specific school serving as a differentiator. We will provide you with a list of stretch schools, target schools and “safe” schools to give you a balanced approach to the admissions process.
  • Factor consideration and weighting including:
    • Rankings
    • Brand
    • Academic focus
    • Geography
    • Admissions standards (GPA, SAT/ACT requirements)
    • Extra-curricular activity and support services
    • Alumni support & network
    • Cost
    • Other considerations: size, diversity, religious affiliation, political leaning, legacies
  • Personal Achievement Template combined with Presentation of Schools presents a working framework for discussion with Admit Advantage, the parents, student, and school counselor.

Bottom Line

  • You will have a more targeted list of schools to focus on based on your specific status
  • You will have a diverse set of schools with a clear rationale why you are a good fit for each school
  • Your school list will be the intersection of the criteria outlined by your parents and your personal interests
  • You will gain a method of combining inputs from your parents, teachers, and peers which makes sense and enhances your chances of admissions

Recommended Service Offerings

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