College - Seminars (Pre Senior Year Support)

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Small group instruction for common issues applicants face.

Why it Matters?

Working through the Common Application, Admit Advantage’s College Seminar is a great way for you to learn the fundamentals of the admissions process. Admit Advantage seminars, much like seminars you’ll participate in on the college and university level, provide an opportunity for shared learning and insights as well as a safe space for the challenging of ideas among candidates. You will receive many of the same benefits with this seminar that you would with other Admit Advantage offerings, including a better understanding of the admissions process and assistance completing the Common Application. During these five-week mini-courses, an Admit Advantage expert will lead the sessions with our proprietary training materials and insight, share case examples for candidates with whom we have worked, and facilitate discussion amongst prospective students who attend these seminars.

What’s Included?

Through a preliminary completion of the Common Application, you will review elements of the application relevant for most candidates. In addition, you will receive following:

  • Assessment of your academic and extracurricular standing and how it relates to schools of interest
  • Identification of important factors in selecting schools
  • Personalized list of schools that will likely be a good fit based on your academic standing and preferences
  • Modified resume showcasing your academic achievements and extracurricular involvement
  • An in-depth review of a college essay with expert and peer feedback
  • Mock interview practice
  • Assignments reinforcing class topics. You will receive suggested reading and related assignments to work on beyond the weekly seminar that we strongly encourage you to complete to enhance your experience and better prepare you for completing your college applications thoughtfully.

Who Should Use It?

Candidates who want a structured platform which focuses on their candidacy and includes the perspectives of their peers in an affordable offering. If you enjoy hands-on activities and discussion-based classes, this environment will be perfect for you.

When Should I Sign Up?

Anytime beginning your third year of high school (secondary school) is the perfect time to start this interactive offering



Bottom Line

The college seminar environment is dynamic and engaging and offers many of the benefits of other Admit Advantage offerings at a fraction of the cost. If you respond well to peer interaction and you’re ready to dive right in to the college application process, this may be the AA offering for you!