College - Early Bird Services (Freshman – Junior)

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Admit Advantage will serve as your partner through the application process, we become a coach and mentor to the student, as well as a sounding board for parents.

Take advantage of the time prior to your senior year to lessen the grueling nature of applying and maximize your opportunity for success. Implement advice and support from advisors including school counselors, parents, and us.

Student and parent viewpoints and experiences produce a winning combination

Most applications by successful candidates are inevitably joint productions combining expert advice, parental perspective and the student’s voice and passion. We will combine parental input with the student’s academic aspirations and personal preferences.

Specific Offering

  • Strategic planning of your high school courses to balance a rigorous academic schedule, extra-curricular activities and personal time to make you a competitive candidate
  • Assistance with activity selection consistent with your passion and appropriately differentiating for your admissions success
  • Coaching on targeted summer and study-abroad internships and programs
  • Detailed agenda-setting for campus visits
  • Facilitation of dialogue between student and parents to harness your parents’ insights and opinions while managing your own vision
  • Schedule assistance to ensure completion of critical tasks to maximize college acceptance while limiting high school disruption

Bottom Line

We serve as a trusted confidante to you while you make the most significant life-decision to-date and need experience translating your academic needs, personal interests, social preferences and career goals into your application process.

We also serve as the ever-present advisor to your parent(s) whose experience, knowledge of your background, and resources of time and capital are critical to your success.

Through institutional knowledge of how to immerse these two viewpoints, we will help secure your success and your entire family’s happiness!

Recommended Service Offerings

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