College - Comprehensive Early Bird Services (Pre-Senior Year Support)

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Complete immersion and expert access to fulfill your admissions goals.

Why it Matters?

The high school years present many opportunities to differentiate yourself from other college and university applicants in addition to areas where missteps can significantly hinder your ability to compete with these other applicants. This package is tailored to the individual candidates and their families to offer sustained expert analysis with the academic, testing, extra-curricular, employment, and application assistance necessary to help a candidate excel throughout high school and transition to a premier institution of higher learning. You will receive extensive coaching and instruction executing a comprehensive plan to maximize your chances for college and university admission.

What’s Included

You and your family will receive an exceptional level of support from experts to assist you in every aspect of your high school preparation for college and university. You will receive support in areas including:

  • Detailed analysis and review of your academic opportunities within your high school (secondary school) in addition to your academic history
  • Support selecting and monitoring your participation in extracurricular activities within and beyond your school
  • SAT / SAT II/ PSAT / ACT guidance and reminders in addition to relationship support with providers in your respective location
  • Creation of a resume and active support with summer internship opportunities in any field of interest
  • In-depth assessment, matching, and planning of school visits and interactions with global universities based on a candidate’s academic aptitude, academic needs, and focus
  • Access to expert alumni of premier universities like Harvard, Stanford, Brown, Oxford, Yale, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and many others
  • Founder consultation and access to ensure the progression is on schedule
  • At least 10 individual online sessions with the candidate, parents (where requested) and consultants at which time the schedule is examined and updated
  • Email support for the duration for the engagement with 24 hour turnaround
  • Free school application assistance for up to four schools is included depending on the candidate’s needs
  • Access to reminders, organizing, connections, and early use of the newest admissions technology platform tools

Who Should Use It?

Candidates who are in their first three years of high school up through the summer prior to their final (senior) year who are looking for complete and total support with their entire high school career for material that is relevant to college and university admissions. For candidates and families seeking the ultimate level of customized support, this is a great offering.

When Should I Sign Up?

Prior to your last year of high school (secondary school).


It varies based on your needs. Please click the button below so that we can learn a bit more about how we can help you.

Bottom Line

Differentiated support will ultimately help enable a differentiated candidate when applying to college and university. The sustained expert counseling and individualized attention will enable you to have complete comfort that your high school (secondary school) activities are aligned with your intended academic and future goals upon graduation.