Your Personal Admissions Champion

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We oversee the entire development process and work closely with you to refine your personal branding and strengthen your applications.


Your main consultant throughout the application process will be your Admissions Champion™, an Admit Advantage consultant with admissions or professional advising experience. This singular point of contact ensures responsiveness and communication during the consulting process while forging a deep client/consultant relationship conducive to creating a distinguished and comprehensive application. Your Admissions Champion™ will work closely with you to refine your applications while overseeing the entire application development and interview process. The relevant skills and expertise of our leadership team will also be offered to our clients, as needed, throughout the admissions process.


Admit Advantage consultants bring both breadth and depth of experience to provide you with the admissions help you need.

  • Academic Experience: All of our consultants have graduated with degrees from premier undergraduate, law, business, medical, and other top graduate programs including Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Yale, Wharton, Chicago, Duke, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, and New York University.
  • Admissions Experience: In addition to firsthand academic experience from top schools, our consultants have participated in admissions at their respective schools or in admissions advising in the commercial arena. Furthermore, the Admit Advantage team has conducted alumni interviews and remains connected with MBA admissions personnel at preeminent institutions.
  • Sales and Marketing Experience: Ultimately, the admissions process is about promoting your best assets and addressing your weaknesses. The Admit Advantage staff has extensive experience in sales, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Through these experiences, our team has developed expertise in developing diverse marketing strategies for admissions success. Moreover, Admit Advantage will leverage this experience to help our clients build their personal brand, a key element in differentiating the application during the admissions process.

Proven Process

Our process is our passion and has been continually refined since inception to yield exceptional results. We offer customized application processes for each admissions segment (undergraduate, law, business, medical, etc..), but our focus on understanding the client and infusing critical stories and experiences as a backdrop for specific client branding remains constant. This clear focus on client differentiation and articulated accomplishments is the hallmark of creating compelling applications and has helped our clients gain admission to the most preeminent global institutions.

Aligned Interests

We have a relentless focus on hiring the most experienced and well-credentialed consultants; however, hiring the best consultants was only the first step. We have gone a step further and aligned your Admission Champion’s compensation with your interests: Nearly one-third of your Admission Champion’s compensation is based on your acceptance into school and review of their performance at the end of the process. As such, Admit Advantage, your Admissions Champion™, and our clients are all motivated to put the best application together to help promote acceptance into target schools!