Medical School - Recommender Selection Focus

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Admit Advantage ensures that the recommendations required offer in aggregate a holistic candidate assessment

An external voice validates your points and offers insight into your candidacy

Provide a structure for your busy professors or employers to provide a strong recommendation for you. Help them help you by providing them with the background and insight necessary to focus their specific narrative on highlighting your strengths, mitigating your weaknesses and supporting your decision to go to medical school. Determine the appropriate number and focus of recommendations to request.

Specific Offering

  • Identification analysis of the critical areas to include within the recommendations based on your entire application
  • Selection support and targeting of specific recommenders to advance your cause
  • Support on how to appropriately position your recommenders to feel unencumbered, but also appropriately directed to maximize your support
  • Assistance choosing alternative recommenders, if needed
  • Interactive outline to share with recommenders which provides:
    • Updates on your academic and professional activities and accomplishments
    • Academic and future career pursuits afterwards
    • Broad contours of the rest of your application

Bottom Line

Position and drive your recommenders to corroborate your message and gain a significant advantage over your peers.