Medical School - After You Apply

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Most of our clients end up in the enviable position of choosing from multiple medical program acceptances

When it’s your chance to call the shots, be prepared

Like most of our clients, you will likely have the opportunity to choose from multiple medical school acceptances. Be prepared with your rationale for the best personal option, so this choice does not become a burden.

Specific Offering

  • Support to help you balance your academic needs, personal preferences, financial aid package, and career goals to inform your ultimate decision
  • Facilitated dialogue and structured analysis of your options and eventualities based on your potential choice
  • Waitlist analysis of your weaknesses and areas of strength to exploit
  • Decisive waitlist strategy including managing correspondence, providing additional recommendations, and updates on accomplishments
  • Detailed application feedback for candidates who make initial contact with us after they have applied

Bottom Line

This is the one step you fully control. Make it count.