Medical School - Essay Structuring Editing

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Before you start writing, Admit Advantage will leverage tools to ensure you share experiences that best shape your candidacy

Answer the critical internal questions many candidates ponder

Medical school essays, from the AMCAS personal statement and other essays to school-specific secondary application questions, provide an opportunity to present oneself as a well-rounded individual beyond grades and test scores. However, many applicants do not take the appropriate time and effort to use the essays as a differentiator. You need to determine how you should address questions such as:

  • How do I describe my research experience?
  • How do I demonstrate diversity?
  • How do I explain what my career might look like in a decade if I don’t know what type of medicine I want to practice?
  • How do I explain an MCAT score or college GPA below a school’s average? Should I?

Specific Offering

  • Tools-based generation of approaches for how to attack AMCAS essays and experience summaries and secondary school-specific essays
  • We will work with you to build an outline for the essays based on agreed upon stories and style
  • Itemized listing and matching of varied stories, experiences, and accomplishments with essay questions
  • Brainstormed strategic essay topics which uniquely highlight and creatively explore unique strengths and experiences
  • Assistance developing essays which help you favorably shape and mitigate flaws including poor MCAT scores, challenging college grades, or limited relevant clinical or research experience
  • Detailed transformation of ideas to final essay drafts

Bottom Line

Take advantage of this huge opportunity to shape your candidacy to the admissions committee. You will have a customized set of essays that are influential and give you an excellent opportunity to stand out and address any potential concerns that may affect your application.