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Graduate School Admissions Consulting Services

We'll help you crush your applications to Masters and PhD programs. Let's roll.

Scores Are Not Enough

Got a strong GPA and GRE? It’s not enough.

The graduate school admissions process is more competitive than ever. There are way more qualified applicants than there are spaces. And it’s easy for folks to say “differentiate yourself”! But, how do you know what that means? We have worked with thousands of applicants. We’ll help you figure out precisely how YOU can stand out.

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I struggled also
“I struggled freshman year of college and ended up with a 3.1 GPA. I wasn’t sure if I could make it to a top school, but Admit Advantage helped me get accepted into a top 20 school that will give me the option to work or pursue a PhD post graduation. I wouldn’t be here without you.”
— Christina

We have walked in your shoes

Your top-rated admissions consultant will teach you how to market your college academics, goals, extracurricular activities, and overall differentiating traits to appeal to admissions committees at Masters and PhD programs. Our team has guided clients to success at the top graduate schools, including:

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We help you articulate your best case for grad school.

Admit Advantage finds the very best graduate school admissions consultants, based on experience, knowledge, and teaching talent. We make a difficult process a whole lot easier through patience and thoughtful collaboration. We will take you on an introspective journey to help you formulate a clear, concise, and compelling argument to make a killer impression on the admissions committee.

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