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career hourly services overview
A flexible service offering to meet your career progression and placement needs.

Hourly Consultation Services

Why it Matters?

Your entire academic career was built to get a great job, yet most people don’t seek professional career advice. We have career coaches that have been in your industry, worked at senior levels, been hiring managers, and know what you need to do to be successful. Whether it is a full-scale engagement where we work with you on strategy, networking, and interviewing skills, or a short-term consult where we help you optimize your career approach, we will provide you with hourly support to help you where and when you need it.

What’s Included?

On an hourly basis, you can receive help with any part of your career process. After the first mandatory hour, you will be billed in 15 minute increments if you need further help. Specifically, you can receive support on any of the following elements as needed:

  • Company identification, selection and targeting based on factors including brand, geographic footprint, salary, culture and general fit
  • Resume construction and refinement
  • Networking strategies to identify and secure the interview
  • Interview preparation with mock interviews, including detailed feedback on your interview performance
  • Compensation package negotiation

Who Should Use It?

For candidates who have specific areas of weakness or need additional support during the career search process. You don’t have to be a previous Admit Advantage client to use our services, however, we do focus on early and mid-career career support. Reach out to us, here, to tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know if we have expertise in that industry and function.

When Should I Sign Up?

Our goal is a 24 hour turnaround time, so any time is the right time, but don’t delay.


$300/hour with a one-hour minimum; billed in 15 minute increments thereafter.

$360/hour if you want a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround.

Bottom Line

Even one or two targeted hours of expert career consulting can make an immense difference in your career chances. It will likely pay for itself with your first paycheck!