How to Take Action in August

Ah, August- the dog days of summer. Afternoons filled with sunshine, sand and studying for your GMAT. Okay, maybe not so much. August is a time for fun and relaxation. We know that studying for the GMAT, working on your application, or even deciding when to apply is the last thing you want to think about. Despite how hard it is to dedicate some of your well earned down-time to focus on applying, it is critical in order to get ahead of your competition and to save yourself from a frantic panicked rush to get everything done by the deadline.

Summer august newsltter photo

Here are out tips for how to take action in August:

Change your mindset:

August is usually a time for relaxation but for round 1 applications it is time to start working.

Get testing:

set a date and stick to it! getting the test over with is an important step of preparing to apply and procrastination will not make it any easier.

Start developing your brand: 

find 3 character traits that you feel represent yourself and try to incorporate those traits in your resume. Discuss these traits when you are meeting with your recommenders (you should be working on your resume and getting your recommenders this month). Brand is key to differentiating yourself from the competition- get started now!