Selection Package

WhyIt Matters

Recommendations offer corroboration for applicant-stated accomplishments and impact. Serving as the only third-party objective assessments of your candidacy, recommendations offer revealing insight into your personality, work ethic, and leadership traits. Selecting the appropriate recommenders also allows your stories, experiences, and accomplishments from your resume, essays, and the data portion of your application to be supported and expanded upon by your recommenders with a unique tone and perspective that only they can provide. However, if recommenders are not chosen correctly, they can signal red flags.

To be clear, Admit Advantage will not write recommendations for you, nor will we edit recommendations that you have written!

What’s Included in the Package

  • An analysis of your strengths and weaknesses to help you determine which recommenders would serve to best promote your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses
  • Live call with an MBA admissions consultant to discuss recommenders
  • Guidance on recommender selection
  • Recommender package development for each recommender

Who Should Use It

Candidates who are interested in ensuring their recommendations are the best reflection of their assets, experiences, and accomplishments.

When Should I Sign Up

Preferably before you have targeted your recommenders, but there is value after you have reached out to them.

1 $400
2 $800
3 $1,200
4 $1,600
5 $2,000
6 $2,400
7 $2,800
8 $3,200
9 $3,600
10 $4,000

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PriceOf the Offering

The Recommender Selection Package is $400 for each set of recommenders. We don’t recommend purchasing multiple Recommender Selection Packages as each package covers support for up to 3 recommenders.