Application Package

WhyIt Matters

All the sacrifices: Countless weeks working long hours, weekend volunteer efforts, studying for standardized tests looking at things you haven’t seen in years, and smiling at the annual holiday party to stay in the good graces of your boss have led you to the very important MBA application process. You’ve worked too hard to leave the admissions process to chance!

What’s Included in the Package

  • Complete application structuring, including initial application strategy, client branding of differentiating characteristics and supporting experiences
  • Fully-vetted and diverse school list that fits the client’s educational, personal, and professional goals
  • Essay strategy and pre-writing advice for the entire application, including a comprehensive outline of all of the essays for your first school
  • Unlimited essay editing of all application materials
  • Unlimited email support throughout the entire application
  • Unlimited phone support throughout the entire application
  • Resume strategy, building, and editing
  • Recommender strategy, selection, and preparation for the specific individuals asked to write the recommendations
  • Interview preparation via a mock interview complete with detailed feedback. Mock interviews simulating specialized interview environments may be arranged
  • Waitlist and denied candidate intensive support
  • Team leader review of candidate’s entire application

Who Should Use It

Candidates who desire comprehensive application support from beginning to end with everything needed to make a push for competitive MBA programs.

When Should I Sign Up

Anytime between now and four weeks prior to application submission. The more time, the better!

QuantityPricing Savings
1 $4,750 $0
2 $6,000 $250
3 $7,000 $750
4 $8,000 $1,250
5 $9,000 $1,750
6 $10,000 $2,250
7 $11,000 $2,750
8 $12,000 $3,250
9 $13,000 $3,750
10 $14,000 $4,250

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PriceOf the Offering

Prices for the Comprehensive Application Package start at $4,750 for one school. The more schools you purchase, the greater your savings!

Standard payment terms include payment of half upfront and half in 30 days.

Any schools purchased subsequent to your initial purchase will be an additional $1,500 per school.

Savings based on purchasing a 1-school package and subsequently purchasing additional schools at $1,500 per school