Shelly received her law degree from Tel Aviv University and worked as a lawyer at one of the biggest law firms in Israel for several years. Shelly went on to receive her MBA from Duke University Fuqua School of Business where she focused on General Management/Strategy and Social Entrepreneurship. Shelly started her post graduate career at Sears Holdings as an MBA Leadership Program Associate and after a year, was asked to run the program. She led the program and recruited MBA candidates from the best business schools in the country, getting hands on experience working with MBA students and career centers to choose the best fit for the program. Not only that but Shelly worked very closely with the top executives at Sears to bring them the best students for their teams. After Sears, Shelly worked in Business Development to set up a Chicago office for a big contract recruiting company where she honed her sales, business development and recruiting skills. In the last few years, Shelly has run her own retail online business where she is using her marketing, sales, finance and strategy skills on a daily basis. Shelly lives in Los Angeles close to Beverly Hills with her husband and 2 small kids. She enjoys eating healthy, meditating, playing tennis, and meeting the occasional movie star randomly at a neighborhood café.